PolyMVA & Cancer

Merrill Garnet, D.D.S.

MERRILL GARNETT, D.D.S., New York University, with graduate degrees in chemistry and biochemistry. He has had research laboratories at the Central Islip State Hospital, Waldemar Medical Research Foundation, and Northport Veterans' Administration Medical Center. Dr. Garnett's laboratory is now at the High Technology Incubator of the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

His principal laboratory discoveries reveal the presence of a secondary genetic code by which specific DNA coded segments and cell membrane exchange ultra-low frequency sinusoidal electrical currents. His theory is that these pulsed currents are the basis of all physiologic pulses and determine the polarization, charge, and folding of enzymes, nucleic acids, and membrane phospholipids. The restoration of these charges transfer pathways forming the basis of several new methods of medicinal management.

Investigators at the University of Utah and Columbia University have collaborated in studies of his Biochemical discovery: DNA reductase. This is the first non-toxic chemotherapeutic agent, a liquid crystal complex of palladium and lipoic acid. Other new drugs: RNA Peroxidase and immuno-globulin peroxy transferase are also under development. Dr. Garnett has been issued three United States Patents related to the treatment of tumors and psoriasis.

Dr. Garnett speaks on the inseparability of genetic information and genetic energy in the healthy organism and in the continuum of nature. A clonal selection model classifies chemotherapy drugs for the present and the future. Poly-MVA therapy, says Dr. Garnett, begins that future.

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