CANCER CONQUEST: The Best of Conventional and Alternative Medicine

This 90-minute breakthrough documentary shows medical advances which save lives. Even late-stage cancer can be treated and put into remission; there is always hope. Meet patients given “death sentences” by mainstream Oncologists but who are now free of cancer. Meet leading edge Doctors, Surgeons and Professors, working together to create extraordinary medical advances both in Germany and America.

BURTON GOLDBERG, your host, publisher of 18 books on Alternative Medicine, including the best seller “Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide.”

DR. MUNOZ uses Dendredic Cell Therapy that teaches your immune system to target your cancer cells. With the use of the German blood test he uses low dose chemo with full body hyperthermia.

DR. FORSYTHE, an American Oncologist based in Reno, Nevada combines Conventional Medicine with Alternative Therapies.

PROFESSOR GIESING, a Molecular Oncologist, uses DNA to select the right chemotherapy for the individual patient.

DR. BACHG uses Proprietary Techniques to isolate Micrometastases.

PROFESSOR VOGL, an Oncologist, Radiologist and Surgeon, applies low dose chemotherapy for the individual patient.

DR. JORDAN vaporizes tumors with a strong magnetic field.

DR. KUBITZEK, a Medical Doctor and a Biological Dentist, explains the strong links between the mouth and cancer.

DR. KESSLER finds the causes of the cancer by vectoring information from a series of scientific tests.

DR. DANA FLAVIN-KÖNIG discusses the causes of cancer and ways of reversing it.

CANCER PATIENTS talk about how their “incurable” cancer was cured.

Burton Goldberg is an expert and the author of 18 books in the field of Alternative Medicine, Founder of Alternative Medicine Magazine and producer of 3 outstanding documentary films. He is available for Healthcare Consultations by telephone. For more information: phone 415-725-3555, website and e-mail


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