- Jessica Biscardi - Breast Cancer Survivor Stage IV

"THE INCURABLES" - Jessica Biscardi - Breast Cancer Survivor Stage IV

"THE INCURABLES" - Jessica Biscardi - Breast Cancer Survivor Stage IV

A remarkable story of personal triumph! (DVD Veria TV Productions – 30 minutes)

JESSICA BISCARDI'S story is a dramatic journey from Stage 4 cancer, being given less than three months to live, she never gave up hope and faith despite all of the constant pain, discomforts and disappointments, her whole world was interrupted and falling apart. The emotional impact and sorrow of a cancer diagnosis is never easy and especially difficult in her situation with everyone fearing for her life if she did not take the traditional cut, poison and burn approach. " I wanted to take the challenge to beat the cancer with every bit of strength, knowledge and research." Jessica knew in her heart to search for other remedies and options and this led to a greater insight into the alternative world of powerful and effective Non-Toxic Cancer Therapies responsible for her complete recovery by her tremendous Cancer Team and Doctors found through the Cancer Control Society. Jessica has survived against all odds and has completed an arduous journey!

In addition to being a Hollywood Celebrity Print Agent, Documentary Film Producer and Red Carpet Correspondent, Jessica devotes her time and has a passion for helping and sharing with those facing cancer challenges and has been inspired to become certified as a Life Coach Practitioner. Jessica believes that "Cancer can be a scary word but not to those who will get in the trenches and fight, fight, fight and stay positive and affirm that you will get better, be informed, do as much research as you can, you are not alone."

You are welcome to reach Jessica Biscardi by mail P. O. Box 597, Los Angeles, California USA 90078, or by Fax: 323-410-2239, website www.JessicaBiscardi.com and email JessicaBiscardi@aol.com.

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