“NO GRAPES” In small farming communities across California, children are dying. Birth defects – open spines and missing limbs – are common. And childhood cancer is 1200 percent above the national average.

The cause: 8 million pounds of unnecessary toxic pesticides used on table grapes each year – pesticides that corporate growers refuse to stop using despite the rising loss of human life.

The government has turned its back to the tragedy, preferring to side with politically-influential grape growers. The FDA is helpless. The EPA makes excuses. The children continue to suffer and die – human guinea pigs for toxins clearly poisoning our environment and our food supply.

But we as consumers can fight back against these oil-based poisons (that don’t wash off). Cesar Chavez and a host of celebrities, farmworkers, and parents show us how in this must-see video.

“How can I
Write to:
United Farm Workers of America AFL-CIO
P.O. Box 62, Keene, CA 93531
Phone: 661-822-5571

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