Environmentally Sick Schools

Is your school or home environmentally sick? If your child or teacher are repeatedly well at and sick at school maybe the problem is some odor, food or contact. Environmentally Sick Schools shows the how, why when, where, and what causes school-related illness, behavior, and learning problems. The answers are frequently obvious by asking “Why do I feel unwell today? What was inhaled, touched or eaten?” Sometimes a few sensible, inexpensive changes will provide fast relief.

This video shows certain students and teachers whose lives have been drastically affected by environmental exposures. It will demonstrate the most likely causes of school-related problems and what you can do personally to detect and eliminate them. It explains how you can prove if certain suspects are interfering with a child’s or teacher’s health, behavior, or memory. Numerous physicians and educational specialists also discuss these issues.

Dr. Rapp believes that many can help relieve their own medical problems by increasing their awareness and knowledge. The ultimate and best answer for a medical problem is to find and eliminate the cause.

Doris J. Rapp, M.D., FAEM, FAAA, FAAP, is a board certified specialist in environmental medicine, pediatric allergy, and pediatrics. She has written numerous books and articles for parents and physicians, and has taught and presented at medical conferences throughout the world. The film is available from Practical Allergy Research Foundation, P.O. Box 60, Buffalo, NY 14223, 1-800-787-8780.

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