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Cancer Control Society 2000 Convention
28th Annual

Video Presentations on Alternative Medicine
Complete set, including Doctors' Symposium, $595 - (plus shipping & CA tax)
Individual videos, @ $15 each -minimum of three ($45)


1.   JANET ALLEN - Dangers of Irradiated and Chemically Engineered Foods
2.   GILBERTO ALVAREZ, M.D. - Laetrile and Immuno Therapies at Stella Maris Clinic
3.   NANCY APPLETON, Ph.D.- Balancing Body Chemistry and Cancer
4.   PAUL BORRACCIA - Citizens for Safe Drinking Water - Fluoridation Dangers Update
5.   ROBERT BRADFORD, D.Sc. - Therapeutic Protocols for Cancer at American Biologics
6.   JOSEPH BRENNER, M.D. - Hyperthermia, Dark Field Microscopy, and Dr. Di Bella's Cancer Treatment       Program
7.   PETER BARRY CHOWKA, Journalist - Alternative Cancer Therapies Through the Decades
8.   ALDRICK CHU FONG, M.D. - Dr. Revici's Non-Toxic Cancer Treatment
9.   ANTHONY CICHOKE, D.C. - Enzyme Therapy and Cancer
10. FRANCISCO CONTRERAS, M.D. - 37 Years of Metabolic Therapy
11. MICHAEL COOK, Patient - PC-SPES & Prostate Cancer
12. MICHAEL CULBERT, D.Sc. - Integrative Approaches to Cancer Treatment at International Biocare
13. FRANK CUNY, Dir. California Citizens for Health - Major Developments in Freedom of Choice for Cancer       Patients
14. STEPHEN DARDEN, Ph.D. - Oxygen Therapies
15. KURT DONSBACH, D.C. - Wholistic Cancer Protocols
16. EVA EDELMAN, N.D. - Natural Healing for Schizophrenia
17. ROBERT ERDMANN, Ph.D. - Self Help Information for the Cancer Patient
18. WILLIAM FRY, Dir. - Successful Metabolic Protocols for Lymphoma Patients at American Metabolics
19. RONALD GDANSKI, Author - Dr. Hulda Clark's Program
20. CHARLOTTE GERSON, Fndr. Gerson Institute - Healing Cancer & Other Chronic Diseases: The Gerson       Therapy
21. BURTON GOLDBERG - Pres. - Cancer Diagnosis: What to Do Next
22. GARRY GORDON, M.D. - New Treatments for Heart Disease and Cancer
23. MICHAEL GUTHRIE, Ph.D. - Immune Protocols Against Cancer
24. JOHN HEINERMAN, Ph.D. - Treatment of Cancer with Herbs
25. LEN HOROWITZ, D., M.D. - The Vaccination-Cancer Link
26. ANTONIO JIMENEZ, M.D. - Carnivora, The Immune Enhancer
27. CAROLYN KATZIN, M.S.P.H. - Nutrition for the Cancer Patient
28. DOUG KAUFMANN, Health Educator - Fungus and Cancer
29. CLINTON MILLER, Legislative Advocate - Cancer Care for the New Millenium
30. GARTH NICOLSON, Ph.D. - Infections Related to Cancer
31. TONY O'DONNELL, N.D. - Miracle Super Foods that Heal
32. DAVID OLSZEWSKI, E.E.I.E. - Health and Light, A Remarkable Legacy from John Ott
33. PATRICK QUILLIN, Ph.D. - Beating Cancer with Nutrition
35. DAN ROGERS, M.D. - The Issels-Gerson Therapy at CHIPSA
36. GERONIMO RUBIO, M.D. - Successful Metabolic Protocols for Lymphoma Patients at American Metabolics
37. ARCHIE SCOTT, Health Educator - DMSO, The Miracle Nutrient
38. SHERILL SELLMAN, AUTHOR - Preventing Breast Cancer
39. DAVID STEENBLOCK, D.O. - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Stroke, MS, and Autism
40. AAJONUS VONDERPLANITZ, Author - Raw Foods and Cancer
41. MORTON WALKER, D.P.M. - Natural Benzaldehyde Against Cancer
42. JAMES WILSON, Ph.D. - Herbal Adrenal Support and Immune Enhancing Bacteria
43. COLE WOOLLEY, Ph.D. - Hidden Carcinogens and Your Health

PLUS a six-hour Set of the Doctors' Symposium

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